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Email & Hosted Exchange Services

Email & Hosted Exchange Services


Email Hosting

Email Services

Your own mailbox (email address) is your first step on the web. You can read the emails that you receive using any mail application, such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape, etc. At any time, you can also use the Webmail website to read and send emails. Using only a browser, you can view your email from anywhere in the world.

You can assign multiple email addresses to each mailbox. If you add additional addresses to your mailbox, these addresses are called aliases and the amount of aliases you can use is unlimited. Your Mail service also contains a "catch-all" mailbox. Emails that cannot be delivered to any of your mailboxes, because the email was sent to an unknown user (e.g., will be delivered to this mailbox. This way you will never loose any information.

Please note that all of Chaney Systems hosting packages include mailboxes that vary depending upon the product purchased. Chaney Systems also provides email for users that are looking for mailboxes only and that do not need webspace for their website.

SPAM Filtering

Chaney Systems now offers the option of full protection of your mailboxes with an advanced anti-spam filter.

The anti-spam protection uses advanced heuristic rules to determine whether the email which was sent to you is spam (unwanted mail) or not. These rules use typical properties of spam messages such as a combination of keywords, the format of the sender's e-mail address, the subject, etc. In addition, each email is checked against a global public database of known spam messages. This database is updated in real time with new spam emails.


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